Seeds for Rock Garden Plants

3497 Purple Robe ( Saxifraga Arendsii )
An excellent groundcover that is compact, free-flowering, and easily raised from seed. These charming perennials quickly form an evergreen verdant mat. The surface-spreading mossy leaves are evergreen for year-round effect. When your spring bloomers are starting to fade, the dense mats become covered with small carmine red, cup-shaped flowers held upright on ankle-high, strong stems.

Also, known as Mossy Saxifrage or Purple Robe ground cover, Saxifrages grow well in containers, beds, rock gardens, and anywhere a low-growing, spreading ground cover plant is desired. Mossy Saxifrage plants prefer well-drained soil and full sun to partial shade conditions. Purple Robe does not do well in the hot humid areas. It is both deer and rabbit resistant.
Grows about 6 inches tall, a perennial hardy for zones 4-9.

 4mg pack ( about 175 very tiny seeds ) $2.75
TRN228 Alpine Rock Thyme ( Acinos alpinus )
An attractive low mound of tiny green leaves backs clusters of bright pink to purple flowers. Blooms are held on the ends of the stems for most of the summer and attract bees and butterflies. Drought tolerant, ideal for alpine troughs and gravel gardens. The leaves of Rock Thyme can be used as a flavoring in cooked dishes and also as a tea substitute.
A perennial for zones 4-9. Either start seeds in a cold frame outside in late fall or start inside. If starting inside, lightly cover and use 3-4 weeks at 68-75°F, if no germination, 4-6 weeks at 39°F, then back to 68°F.
 3mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.25
TRN034 Annabella White ( Anemone multifida )
This native North American wildflower is useful towards the front of a border, in the rock garden or in naturalized meadows. This selection forms a low mound or tuft of ferny green leaves, with a late spring display of small white flowers, followed by fluffy seedheads.
Clumps seldom need dividing or any special attention. To increase, dig clumps and divide in fall or early spring if desired.
Remove dead tops in late fall or early spring before new growth begins, hardy for zones 3-9.
 15mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.25
IP014 Mountain Gold ( Alyssum montanum )
This is a popular rock garden perennial for the spring garden. It establishes itself easily from flower seeds sown directly outdoors. It forms a low, trailing mound of silvery-gray leaves, and it produces a mass of bright-yellow flowers in mid to late spring.
Plants benefit from a light trim after blooming to maintain a bushy habit, and they require good drainage. After sowing seeds, maintain adequate moisture to ensure germination and establishment, but once Mountain Gold is established, it is drought tolerant.
This is a perennial for every flower garden! Thrives best in dry, rocky soil and has a preference to full sun although it will tolerate light shade. Mountain Gold adds incredible color to rock gardens. Sow seeds in empty crevices to make the garden come alive.
  75mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $1.95
IP028 Carpathian Blue ( Campanula carpatica )
A tidy bun of blue flowers summer to fall. Large, double flowers bloom in a profusion blue colors on compact plants. Suitable for the front of the border, for edging and rock gardens. Prefers cool, moist, fertile soil with good organic content. Good for Cut Flowers. Good for zones 4-8.
 1mg pack ( about 25 seeds )$2.25
TRN035 Cuckoo Flower ( Cardamine pratensis )
The name comes from the timing of the flowers, which coincides with the first calls of the Cuckoo bird in spring.
This unique wildflower can be found in moist or wet habitats, including meadows, damp grasslands, roadsides, ditches and river banks, so many are suprised that it also makes a very good rock garden plant.
The plant produces showy clusters of lilac-pink, purple or white flowers top the upright stems.
The flower is an important larval host plant and nectar source for the Orange-Tip and Green-Veined White butterflies, It makes a valuable addition to any garden which aims at attracting wildlife. Hardy to zone 4.
 25mg pack ( about 80 seeds ) $2.45
TRN036 Draba aizoides
Perennial. Compact foliage rosette with numerous small racemes of sulfur yellow blooms, fine in rockery, grows 8 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
  3mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.95
TRN037 Rocky ( Erigeron compositus )
These low growing flowering plants grow only 6 inches tall and have small daisy-like flowers that are white with yellow centers. If seeds are planted when temperatures are warm, plants will bloom in only three months after sowing.
Plant in rock gardens and edging along a perennial bed. Plant in full sun and in sandy type soils or plant in a rock wall. Blooms in late spring into mid summer.
Commonly referred to as Cutleaf Daisy. Has ferny foliage and a taproot allowing it to tolerate dry conditions. A perennial hardy to zone 4.
 3mg pack ( about 20-25 seeds ) $2.95
NB60 Helianthemum Nummularia ( Mutabile Mix )
Perennial. Splendid mixture for rockeries, evergreen, buttercup flowers in pastels and whites, grows about 6 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
  30mg package of about 25 seeds $2.35
TRN117 Yellow Flax ( Linum Flavum Compactum )
Yellow flax is well suited for rock gardens or growing along rocky paths. This perennial prefers full sun and soils that drain well, and it has a high drought tolerance once it is established.
This compact Linum offers lovely, airy yellow flowers and dark green, lance-shaped leaves. Even when not in bloom, the grassy leaves give a delicate texture to the garden.
Place the plants in the front of the flower border or in containers for extra appeal.
Grows 8-12 inches tall, good for zones 4-9.
TRN215 Ursinia anethoides
Free flowering orange daisies on fernlike foliage, for bed or rock garden, grows about 16 inches tall.
  20mg package ( about 25 seeds ) $2.95
NB62 Soapwort ( Saponaria Ocymoides )
Perennial. Rose flowers, trailer, for rockery or wall, long lived, drought tolerant, summer bloomer, grows 6 inches tall, hard to zone 2.
  60mg package of about 40 seeds $2.95
TRN058 Wooly Speedwell ( Veronica incana )
Perennial. Ageratum blue flowers over wooly gray-white foliage, great for rockery, grows 12 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
 2mg pack ( about 25 tiny seeds ) $2.25
D9605 True Irish Shamrock ( Trifolium repens minor )
No type of Irish celebration would be completes with out a few of the familiar shamrocks around. Can be started inside anytime of the year. Also makes a wonderful filler plant for nooks in rock gardens.
  Package of 40 seeds $2.50
HR119 Lemon Catmint ( Nepeta mussini )
A bushy perennial plant used for rock garden. Lovely blue flowers. Likes hot, dry weather. Used medicinally.
  Package of 25 seeds $1.75
HR154 Lavender Lady ( Lavandula angustifolia )
Perennial. Plants flower in first season. Use for bedding plants, borders in containers or in rock gardens. Delightful lavender fragrance.
  Package of 20 seeds $1.75
HR234 Creeping Thyme, Mother of Thyme ( Thymus serphyllum )
Perennial plant. Used in teas, salads, rice and fish dishes. Trailing, thick flat spreading plants. Good for rockgardens, has small pink flowers.
  Package of 50 seeds $1.75
IM116 Rockcress Grandiflora Mix ( Aubrieta )
Perennial. Grows only 6" tall, but bears beautiful, large flowers in pink/purple shades.
Excellent rock garden or fill in plant. Hardy to zone 4.
  25mg Package ( about 50 seeds ) $2.15

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RHC323 Erinus alpinum
Perennial. Violet red for rock gardens, grows 6 inches tall, hardy to zone 5.
RHC327 Snow Flurry ( Lychnis alpina )
Perennial. Pure white flowers, compact alpine plant for rockery, grows 6 inches tall, hardy to zone 4.
RHC330 Sedum Aizoon
Perennial. Erect plant with flat topped yellow clusters, ideal for large rockgarden, grows 15 inches tall, hardy to zone 4